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Raymond Marx


Outside of his accomplished career, Raymond Marx loves to travel.

Raymond’s travels began early in his life; after being born during an air raid, when he was no more than an infant, his parents fled from East Germany to West Germany. Living in Cologne, his father applied for refuge in Canada, the United States, and Australia. Since Canada had the most space available, at just seven and a half years old, Raymond moved to Canada with his family.

While living in Canada, Raymond’s father operated a bakery and – as one of four children – Raymond and his siblings quickly stepped in to fill out the labor force, working in the bakery and producing freshly baked bread. The family soon grew their little mom and pop operation into what became the largest wholesale bakery in Western Canada. When his father moved to Arizona, Raymond moved with him and settled into Scottsdale where he first started working in the financial services industry. 

Three years after opening Raymond Marx Financial Inc. in 1995, Raymond’s wife confessed to him her lifelong desire to live near a beach. After some diligent research – and eliminating California due to the earthquakes and tremors – Raymond and his wife settled on moving to Florida. Although they had both heard all about the hurricanes, Raymond learned that Tampa Bay has never had a direct hit, so the couple packed up their belongings and relocated to Tampa Bay, Florida.

Raymond’s career has grown throughout the years, and similarly, so have his opportunities to see new places and travel the world. The first trip he took as a financial professional was to London, where he was put up in a lovely room and given a daily spending allowance on top of it. His wife traveled with him, and together the pair had a chance to explore the city. Additionally, Raymond has had an opportunity to journey across Europe and beyond throughout his career. He’s been to Sydney, Australia and seen the beautiful opera house. He’s also traveled to Vienna, Austria, as well as the Matterhorn in Switzerland, enjoying the opportunities his career affords him to see the world. 

Professionally, Raymond Marks is a financial fiduciary working throughout the Southeastern United States through Raymond Marx Financial, Inc., which operates in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida. 

To learn more about Raymond Marx and his tips on travel, check out his blog, and be sure to check back often for the latest updates from Raymond!

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