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Every year travel evolves even more than the previous year. As adventure seekers set out to embrace life and explore the world, they are narrowing down their travel choices to the places deemed the best to visit. This is a list that changes quite frequently, something that benefits avid travelers.


One of the best places to visit in 2020 will be Brazil. It is already easier for American tourists to enter the country. A Visa is no longer required to travel there and a growing number of airlines are adding more flights to Brazil to their schedule. In fact, American Airlines will be offering non-stop flights to Sao Paulo from Miami. United Airlines and Azul Airlines in Brazil are negotiating with United Airlines to add cities in Brazil to its route. There will also be flights to the Brazilian jungle. When tourists arrive in Brazil in 2020 they can visit Salvador’s Museum of Music, which is being renovated and moved to a new location by year-end.


Copenhagen is also taking steps to make visiting easier for tourists. One thing they’ve done is to extend the City Ring Line so the subway can help tourists get to more spots within the city. It is now easier for them to get to places such as the Northaven waterfront and the neighborhood of Frederiksberg.


Tourists also have another site to visit with the opening of the CopenHill Power Plant. The power plant even has a ski slope with synthetic snow. This means that no matter what time of year tourists are visiting, they can go skiing.


There are also more options for tourists concerning hotel accommodations. The Villa Copenhagen will be open for business and is being billed as the city’s most environmentally friendly hotel. City officials are taking steps to make themselves carbon neutral, something they plan on finishing by the end of 2025.


Those looking to travel within the U.S. are increasingly choosing Nashville. One of the reasons is that in the summer of 2020 marks the opening of the National Museum of African American Music. It will feature five galleries with interactive exhibits. Visitors can even experience a virtual choir singalong.


In 2020 tourists will have many options when it comes to travel.