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There’s a better chance than not that your life has been somehow impacted by the recent spread of the coronavirus. Even if you, or someone close to you, has not tested positive for this largely mysterious illness, there’s a decent chance that the ramifications of the illness that has taken the lives of thousands have been felt by each of us in some capacity. In a time where events around the globe are being canceled seemingly every day, it’s difficult to know what area will feel the effects next. The travel industry has certainly already felt the impact, and even now it’s hard to know what steps we should take next concerning travel plans.

Airline Impact

Some of the top airlines in the world are already taking drastic steps to lessen the potential impact of the coronavirus. American Airlines announced in press release in early March that they would be reducing their number of international flights by roughly 75%. Flights to Hong Kong with American Airlines have been canceled until July 2 while flights to Mainland China have been canceled until after the first of October. You should check with the airline that you have booked with and see what their refund policies are, as several airlines have already established looser regulations concerning cancellations.


Airlines aren’t the only international modes of travel that are taking extreme steps to lessen the blow of the coronavirus. Cruise Lines International Association has already announced that all of its members have “have suspended crew movements from mainland China and will deny boarding to any individual, whether guest or crew, who has traveled from or through mainland China within the previous 14 days.” The CDC and U.S State Department have also announced that they are encouraging everyone to avoid going on cruises to any destination until further notice.

Can I travel anywhere?

Certain nations and geographic regions have received different levels of travel warnings, meaning that it is highly advised that Americans not travel to them for any reason. In the event that your trip is not optional, you should expect to be thoroughly screened and even quarantined upon your return. International travel is not the only concern, either. As more countries issue limitations on domestic travel, your best bet is to simply stay at home. While it can be discouraging, the situation at hand is grave, and staying home may just save lives.